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Multi Stage RO Purification Technology

Stage 1 - Pre filterRemoves suspended impurities toenhance life of other filters.

Stage 2 - Sediment filterFilters physical impurities such as dust rust and turbidity from water.

Stage 3 - Pre Carbon filterActivated carbon filter removes organic chemicals, figments, detergents and chlorine etc.

Stage 4 - RO MembraneReverse Osmosis Membrane removes bacteria, virus, hardness, pesticides, heavy metals etc.

Stage 5 - Post Carbon filterA final Post Carbon Filter removes bad odor and improves the taste of water.

Stage 6 - U V TreatmentUltra violet lamp deactivates bacteria, virus and micro biological impurities.

Stage 7 - U F MembraneUltra filtration membrane to insure more purity of water, totally free from biological impurities.

Stage 8 - Mineral Cartrige ( Anti Oxidant Alkaline ) ( Optional)Adds the natural minerals in to the water such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium to balance mineral composition of water.
Anti Oxidant Alkaline Cartrige enhances the PH level of water and removes harmful oxidants from body.

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